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President & Secretary For Past Years

1993-1999   President       Mr. A P Krishna Kumar
1993-1999   Secretary       Mr. K S Sudharshan Thambi

1999-2000   President       Mr. A P Krishna Kumar
1999-2000   Secretary       Mr. A Thomas Mathew

2000-2001   President       Mr. A P Krishna Kumar
2000-2001   Secretary       Mr. P A Prahalad

2001-2002   President       Mr. Bharath Bhooshan Agarwal
2001-2002   Secretary       Mr. A P Kumardas

2002-2003   President       Mr. A K Narayanan
2002-2003   Secretary       Mr. Jayasankar C K

2003-2004   President       Mr. Bharath Bhooshan Agarwal
2003-2004   Secretary       Mr. T P Ahamedkoya

2004-2005   President       Mr. K K Suresh Babu
2004-2005   Secretary       Mr. T P Ahamedkoya

2005-2006   President       Mr. K K Suresh Babu<
2005-2006   Secretary       Mr. Jayasankar C K

2006-2007   President       Mr. Alok Kumar Saboo
2006-2007   Secretary       Mr. Ganesh Bhat V

2007-2008   President       Mr. Alok Kumar Saboo
2007-2008   Secretary       Mr. Ganesh Bhat V

2008-2009   President       Mr. Nithyanand Kamath
2008-2009   Secretary       Mr. Ganesh Bhat V

2009-2010   President       Mr. Shaju M
2009-2010   Secretary       Mr. R.Chandra Mouli
                                                  Mr. Aldo Thomas

2010-2011   President       Mr. K K Suresh Babu
2010-2011   Secretary       Mr. K Prakash
                                                 Mr. Valsalan A

2011-2012   President       Mr. Mohammed Anwar T
2011-2012   Secretary       Mr. M M Abdul Aziz
                                                 Mr. Venugopal N B

2012-2013   President       Mr. Mohammed Anwar T
                                                 Adv. Anil Vishwanath
2012-2013   Secretary       Mr. Venugopal N B
                                                 Mr. Balaji G


The Exclusive Club,Calicut is located at O.P. Raman Road, about 200 meters to the North of the Kozhikode Collectorate.

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